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From The Headmaster - May 2024


The end is near…The end of what? The end of many things is near. The end of the school year is coming soon. The end of many teachers’ first year of teaching. The end of some students’ elementary, middle or high school’s journey. By the time most of you are reading this, there will only be three weeks left in school. The end of something usually changes how we act. For many students, they don’t try as hard in class when the end of the year nears.

Teachers become weary near the end of school. Parents are eager for vacation time. Yet should the end of something change how we act or perceive life? I would argue yes. As a Christian, one looks forward to the end. At the end of time, Jesus will take us to be with him forever. If we are ready for the end of time because we believe in Jesus, then it will help us at the end of anything else. Some say that Martin Luther was asked what he would do if today was the end, the last day. His response is purported to be, “I would plant an apple tree.” Luther understood that the end for the Christian is wonderful because we will be with Christ and all those who have died in Christ forever.

Students, teachers, and parents can find peace at the end of things because Jesus is, “the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.” Revelations 21:6.

Rev. Isaac Schuller

Associate Pastor &

Headmaster at Grace Lutheran Church & School

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