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Our Facilities

Grace Lutheran students benefit from a wide range of professional school facilities. Located on just over 9 acres, Grace Lutheran School was built in 1983. Our exceptionally maintained facilities offer many advantages to our students. Grace Lutheran has a library, gymnasium, Pre-K playground, school playground, athletic field and more.

If you would like to see our facilities you can request a tour by clicking on the button below.

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Grace Lutheran Office

Security & Child Saftey

The security of our school grounds and children are a high priority at Grace Lutheran School. Many security features and technologies are in place to help keep our students safe.  We have a closed (Locked Door) campus. Access is only granted to visitors through the school office entrance and each visitor needs to be approved via a closed circuit doorbell/intercom system prior to entry.

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Our classrooms are designed to meet the needs of each grade level as well as the  appropriate age of the students.  Our Pre-K rooms are scaled down and are self-contained with their own bathrooms and play areas.  Our elementary and upper level classrooms are built on a classic school hallway layout.  Each room is setup and decorated by the teachers to follow their specific curriculum.

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Our excellent library houses over 7,500 books for our students to explore and enjoy.  From fiction to history, each student has the ability to use the library and to check out books throughout the school year. We utilize computer software to find our many resources. Our In-House Librarian makes sure our library offers a place of learning for our students.,

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3 Playgrounds

Grace Lutheran School has 3 separate playground facilities. We have a enclosed playground area for Pre-K 2, an enclosed playground area for Pre-K 3 & 4, and a larger open playground for our elementary up to high school students.   We also have a football/soccer field, kickball field and outdoor volleyball courts.

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Gym & Cafeteria

We have a large gymnasium and cafeteria area that is utilized in many ways. From lunch room to concert hall, our gymnasium is multi-functional and houses a full-sized basketball & volleyball court along with bleachers for spectators. The gym is also used for PE and other school functions.

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Music Room

Music is a large part of a classical education. At Grace Lutheran School, we have a large music room equipped with a variety of percussion instruments such as bells, chimes, marimbas, xylophones, and drums.  Our students get full use of these facilities during their music instruction and when touring the Brenham area.

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