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Grace Lutheran School Brenham, Texas

About Grace Lutheran School

Grace Lutheran School opened its first school in 1947. For over 75 years, Grace Lutheran School has provided an excellent Christian education preparing the children of Grace Lutheran Church, as well as children of the Brenham community, to be faithful citizens of the Kingdom of God and good citizens of our great country. Our dedication to the classical tradition means that Grace Lutheran School is committed to the goal of excellence in education with a rigorous academic and spiritual course of study. We seek to train our students to master the classical arts and to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

first classroom at Grace
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Educating Students For Over 75 Years

Grace Lutheran School was established in 1947. The school house was located next to the first church building on Church St.  In 1984, the new church and school was dedicated at the current location and Grace Lutheran School has been operating there ever since. Our school is very important to us and we are very blessed to be able to continue such a great tradition in our community.

first school building at Grace
old photo of teacher and students
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Our Facilities

Grace has some of the best private school facilities in Washington County. Our dedicated school facilities allows students to experience a true school atmosphere while providing the resources they need to strive. Our facilities are diligently maintained and we take great pride in being able to offer our students excellent classrooms and resources. Tours are available upn request.

Grace Lutheran School Facilities
Pastor O playing checkers
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Faculty, Staff & Leadership

Grace Lutheran School is blessed to have truly dedicated and talented Teachers and Staff.  Through their dedication and hardwork, our teachers and staff provide students with the ability for grow in their education and achieve their full academic potential.

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Parent Teacher League

The PTL at Grace Lutheran School helps parents and teachers achieve greater competence in Christian child training.  Through their efforts, PTL has helped raise funds to purchase, books, school materials, playground equipment and many other resources needed by the students and teachers.

Happy Family at Grace Lutheran School
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