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Our Library

Grace Lutheran School's library is a vibrant center of learning and discovery. Our well-maintained library is stocked with a variety of resources that are sufficient in breadth to support our educational and other missions. Our library services are coordinated by a volunteer professional librarian who is familiar with information resources and is responsive to the needs of the students and teachers. We also boast over 7,500 books to choose from, reading at all levels. Our library encourages learning and growth in a welcoming atmosphere that encourages exploration and discovery.

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Our Library

  • Over 7500 books

  • Over 2000 early reader titles

  • 7 books about Aardvarks

  • 116 Mystery and detective stories

  • 38 books about Zoos and Zoology

  • Folklore from Africa to Armenia to Sweden to USA

  • Greek mythology - kindergarten to the original texts

Our Library is a haven of knowledge and learning for all our students. With over 7500 books, we offer a wide variety of topics to explore, from early readers to books about zoos and zoology, mystery and detective stories, and folklore from around the world. Our library is a place of discovery and imagination, with something for everyone.

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On-Line Library

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